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મફત અનાજ વિતરણની તારીખ જાહેર - રેશનકાર્ડ દીઠ નીચે પ્રમાણે જથ્થો મળશે

મફત અનાજ વિતરણની તારીખ જાહેર - રેશનકાર્ડ દીઠ નીચે પ્રમાણે જથ્થો મળશે

Free Portion Gujarat in January 2022 Moment under this composition we will partake whole information and procedure of how to Make Antyoday (AAY) Portion Card in Gujarat. U can apply for A new AAY Ration Card offline or Online. Can You go online operation through web gate and apple online. Now new Portion Card service is open u can go and submit new portion card form You Can Download Colorful Portion Card Form 

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Colorful Portion Card Types in Gujarat 

  • APL 
  • APL 1-2-3 
  • BPL 
  • PHH 

Antyodaya (AAY) Portion Card Criteria| Free Portion Gujarat 

This portion card has the utmost grains and benefits. This portion card will be available at the Mamlatdar office at the portion card branch. You'll admit your AAY card within 30 days of applying for this portion card 

Antyoday (AAY) Portion Card Criteria| Free Portion Gujarat 

Landless ranch sloggers, borderline growers, pastoral crafters similar as potters, leather cookers, needlewomen, blacksmiths, carpenters. 

people living in slums and earning their livelihood on a diurnal base in the informal sector similar as janitors, harry scullers, haulals Madaris, paper needlewomen and the deprived and people living in other pastoral and civic areas falling into the same order. Widowed families or sick persons/ impaired persons/ persons above 60 times of age or above who have no means of subsistence or no social support. 

 All primitive ethnic families 

  • BPL Cardholder HIV positive person 

BPL Cardholder affected by leprosy All widows, impaired, incapacitated persons registered under the Department of Social Justice and Commission who are eligible for BPL. All persons who are card holders.


Free Portion Gujarat in January 2022 

Necessary documents for Antyoday Ration Card 

When applying for a New Antyoday portion card, it's necessary to submit the following documents along with the operation form. 

• Evidence of Date of Birth. 

• Evidence of Residence. 

• Visage card. 

• Driving license. 

• Passport size snap. 

• Aadhaar Card. 

• GOVERNMENT print ID Card 

• Bank account number 

• Voter ID card 

• Operation form 

 Antyoday Portion Card Operation Process 

Go to the nearest Mamlatdar’s office or City Mamlatdar’s office. In Mamlatdar’s office, colorful branches similar ase-Dhara branch, profit branch, ATVT branch, force branch, Disaster Branch, 

Election Branchetc. 

have to submit the form to the force branch. 

Must apply with specified form. 

Your AAY portion card Make it within 30 Days. 

Needed along with specified operation form 

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